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SMC has thrived on tackling difficult projects and we've built a reputation for on-time, on-budget project completions. We have adapted to make optimal use of our highly-qualified manpower and our years of construction experience and institutional knowledge. While SMC has grown over the years, we've retained our work ethic and commitment to quality craftsmanship and safe work practices. These are our core values.

At any given time, SMC employs roughly 175 craftspeople with a dozen superintendents and eight project managers. As a heavy industrial contractor, we've grown by providing construction services to Maine's paper mill industry. But as our expertise has expanded, we've applied it to other industries and have now established general, electrical and mechanical divisions with a portfolio of experience in power generation, water and sewage, and manufacturing. SMC's specialty services include pipefitting, piping fabrication, instrumentation, hydraulics, electrical work, millwright work, structural steel and concrete.

Field Services – General Contracting, Piping, Electrical/Instrumentation, Concrete, Structural Steel Erection and AST Level 1 and 2 Tank Inspections.

Shop Capability – Process Pipe Fabrication, X-Ray Quality Welding, Structural Steel Fabrication.

Code Stamps – NBBI “R” Stamp, Boiler Repair, ASME “S” Stamp for Power Boilers, AST Level 1 and Level 2 Tank Inspections.

SMC is licensed by the State of Maine to perform natural gas installations.

Safety Directors – Charlie Mitchell & Ryan Levesque
Quality Control Manager – Doug McDougal
Authorized Inspection Agency – Hartford Steam Boiler
Authorized Inspector – John Ferreira

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